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Finnelit Oy

is an expert in such fields transportation, forwarding, warehousing, prosessing of custom documents

About company

FINNELIT OY is an international transport-forwarding company.

Company FINNELIT OY consists in the register of customs broker of Finland.

The purpose of our work is maintenance of the qualitative and reliable service meeting individual requirements of any client. Our employees are always ready to offer you the optimum decision in sphere of logistics. During many years, our company gives a wide spectrum of services in spheres of:

  • Freight traffic from Finland to Russia, the Scandinavian countries and the countries of the European Union.
  • Operations with containers.
  • Drawing up custom documentation.
  • Warehouse services.

Employees of the company have a wide experience of work with custom cargoes and with custom services of Finland. We offer you various services connected with custom operation in Finland also custom clearance of the goods in Russia territory as well (St.Petersburg).

The central office is located in Vantaa in immediate proximity to Hakkila custom. Branches FINNELIT OY are in industrial areas of Lappeenranta.

Forwardind service

Forwarding services occupy a significant segment in services of company FINNELIT OY.

We drawing up needed custom documentation in view of custom rules of the countries of the addressee and the sender.

Documentation for cargo transportation is prepared and made out by our professional employees, that allows operatively, without delays to send the goods to the addressee.

The list of documentation:

  • Export declaration EX A
  • T1 passport
  • Certificates of custom registration
  • CMR

Warehouse service

We can offer warehouse in following cities of Finland:

Helsinki - Vantaa

  • total area of warehouse 30000 m3

Port of Lappeenranta

  • Total area of warehouse 20000 m3

All warehouses have the sanction for operations with transit and European cargoes, and also carry out a wide spectrum of warehouse services, such as:

  • Loading and unloading of the goods
  • Operations with containers
  • Local transportation of Finland
  • Consolidation of cargoes and many other things

Office in Vantaa

Vanha Porvoontie 231 A E1

01380 Vantaa


phone +358 9 860 36 528

phone +358 9 860 36 529

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Office in Lappeenranta

Lastaajanväylä 22

53420 Lappeenranta


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